Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Round 2 It's a Boy!!!

So we got the word today that we are having a baby boy this time.  So I will no longer be the lone ranger at home.  We are all excited and getting ready for the new challenge.  

Christmas Day 2008

Nanette had a blast and is really starting to get the hang of Christmas.

Markers Again

Markers go on faces not paper.... No wait.

Christmas outfit

I didn't get around to a Christmas Photo shoot of Nanette Like I did last year.  But we did get these nice snap shots of her infront of the tree.  Time really gets away from you this time of year...

Smile I'm cute!!

She has these really cute pigtales in her hair but you can't see them.  Just love the smile though.


We thought Nanette looked great in this Christmas dress but she really put on the cheese.

Bundled up, Butt Naked.

Yes the two extreams.  We just thought they where cute photos.